'Feed the Cats' : Unified Theory

'Feed the Cats' : Unified Theory
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Gain the philosophies that make up the heart and soul of Tony Holler's 'Feed the Cats' system!

  • Apply the 80/20 principle (Train 20%, Gain 80%) to avoid injuries and fend off fatigue
  • Learn how to light the fire under your sprinters so their motivation carries them to championships
  • Discover the 10 core aspects of the 'Feed the Cats' system so you can adopt it fully with your sprint program

with Tony Holler,
Plainfield North High School (IL) Head Boys Track & Field Coach;
2015 ITCCCA Hall of Fame Inductee;
over 35 years of coaching experience at the high school level

This video from 'Feed the Cats' guru Tony Holler revolutionizes the concepts and ideas of his approach to speed development and coaching the sprints. Coach Holler discusses his approach and philosophies in how to make track & field fun for student-athletes. By keeping athletes happy and healthy, and using speed as the essential component to training, you can quickly turn your sprint program into a program that makes it easy to run 18 miles per hour because you are training at 20 miles per hour.

10 'Feed the Cats' Commandments

The principles of Holler's 'Feed the Cats' philosophy are broken down into 10 critical components that will ultimately lead to program development through methods to attract the best athletes in your school. You'll hear Coach Holler detail the steps and mindset that he has adopted over his last 20 years of coaching to enable the development of happy, healthy and fast athletes in the sprint-based events.

Less Grind, More Results

Holler's desire to avoid "the grind" has led to a style of coaching that embraces a "Do Less, Achieve More" attitude through prescribing the minimum effective dose to maximize training today without ruining tomorrow's session. With a focus on having all activities complement one another and work in the same direction, one can accomplish substantially more results in much less time.

The pillars of speed, sprint mechanics, max speed sprinting, and jumping are used in combination to build the foundation of Coach Holler's 'Feed the Cats' sprint program. His approach can be implemented and utilized by coaches of all levels to keep one's 'cats' happy and healthy!

62 minutes. 2020.

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